Protective Gloves

INON® is a leading supplier of disposable nitrile and natural rubber gloves. INON® gloves are manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified facility and are approved as medical examination* gloves. All our gloves are powder-free, fragrance-free and residue-free medical-grade* gloves that have been used by dairy farmers, veterinarians, pharmacists, mechanics, beauticians, security guards and police and fire departments as well as other emergency services all over the world.


Quality Levels

Standards used in most countries specify an AQL for defects of 1.5 in surgical gloves, 2.5 in examination gloves and 4.0 in other types of gloves. All INON® gloves have an AQL of 1.5* for major defects. This means that overall there will never be more than 1.5% defects in the gloves that we sell. If you are interested in the math behind these numbers, please read “Quality Levels for INON® Gloves”.


Chemical Resistance

Nitrile is one of the most durable and chemical-resistant glove materials and is suitable for most applications. Breakthrough time is usually a function of concentration, contact time, temperature and type of chemical. The following guide provides an overview of the most common chemicals and the rating of various glove materials. However, when in doubt regarding the resistance against a certain chemical, please contact our office or your supplier. Click here to download “Chemical Resistance Ratings of Common Glove Materials”.


Markets Served






Dairy Farms


Emergency Personnel


Food Handling


Law Enforcement




Salons and Spas






*unless specified otherwise


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