Since 2000 INON® has developed and marketed innovative antimicrobial products for a range of applications based on its proprietary, patent-pending Chlorine Dioxide technology. Chlorine Dioxide has been used for over 50 years for treatment of water and has been certified safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Chlorine Dioxide is a broad-spectrum fast-acting antimicrobial that is safe and easy to use and leaves no residues. We have developed a range of products for animal health applications and are developing applications in other fields. INON® is also a leading supplier of disposable nitrile and natural rubber gloves and other disposable protective equipment.



In the early 1990s INON® and its affiliates were one of the first companies to introduce teat disinfectants in the European Union with Chlorine Dioxide as active ingredient. In 2000 we introduced our own line of teat disinfectants under the Auxilium® brand name and in cooperation with one of the leading CLO2-experts we now have a range of teat disinfectants available with updated and improved patent-pending formulas, namely Auxilium® Barrier, a film-forming postdip, Auxilium® Sprint, a pre- and postdip, and Auxilium® Spray, a sprayable teat disinfectant. Our products have undergone and passed testing according DIN EN 1656, DIN EN 1276 and DIN EN 1650 at SGS Institut Fresenius in Germany in addition to extensive field testing in Germany and the Netherlands and are registered biocides in various European countries. Our products are manufactured in Europe and in the USA under the strictest quality standards possible.



Since the early 1990s INON® has been a leading supplier of disposable nitrile and natural rubber gloves. INON® gloves are manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified facility and are approved as medical examination gloves. All our gloves are powder-free, fragrance-free and residue-free medical-grade gloves, that have been used by dairy farmers, veterinarians, pharmacists, mechanics, security guards and police and fire departments as well as other emergency services all over the world.



If you are interested in learning more about our company or our products, please contact us at info@inon.net, c/o Business Development.