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Auxilium® Teat Dips


Extensive germicidal activity tests, skin irritation studies and commercial dairy field trials have proven Auxilium products are superior teat disinfectants. Their fast-acting, long-lasting formula kills millions of bacteria quickly – within 15 seconds and even under a 10 percent milk challenge – and retains this powerful germicidal ability for as long as 24 hours after mixing.

The multiple product options allow greater management flexibility, regardless of milking systems. And, all of the Auxilium products have a high level of glycerin which leaves teat skin smooth, healthy and supple, reducing the incidence of hyperkeratosis and other skin irritation that can otherwise increase the risk of infections.

Made in Germany, the Auxilium products hold up to the superior quality reputation of German products and are now available in the U.S. at very competitive prices. For more information on how our teat dips perform, download the Technical Data Sheet here.


For tips on teat dipping in the winter, please download  "Mastitis Prevention in Cold Weather".


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Auxilium Barrier™

Auxilium Barrier is a two-component teat dip which forms a true barrier on the teat after application. The powerful chlorine dioxide germicide quickly kills harmful micro-organisms, even under significant organic load. Auxilium Barrier contains glycerin, carbitol and Xanthan gum, allowing it to leave teats smooth and healthy. For more information, download the Auxilium Barrier flyer here.


aux-sprint-iconAuxilium Sprint™

Auxilium Sprint is a fast-acting, sanitizing teat dip that can be used either as a pre-dip or a post-dip. Based on the same biocidal chemistry as Auxilium Barrier, this product is formulated to quickly and effectively sanitize and is an excellent teat conditioner. For more information, download the Auxilium Sprint flyer here.


aux-spray-iconAuxilium Spray™

Auxilium Spray is a specially formulated, two-component teat spray for disinfection of teats before or after milking. Unlike most other premium teat dips on the market, Auxilium Spray has been formulated for ease-of-spraying and economical use, while not compromising its skin-conditioning abilities. For dairy systems set up for spray application, Auxilium Spray now offers a premium-quality teat dip option without changing management regimes.


inon-glove-iconINON® Milking Gloves

INON Milking gloves are powder-free, medical-grade milking gloves. They are high-quality, long-lasting gloves which significantly contribute to higher quality milk by keeping milkers’ hands clean, reducing the risk of transferring mastitis-causing bacteria from one cow to another, or even quarter to quarter, during milking.

INON Milking Gloves not only eliminate the spread of bacteria, they are also milker-friendly as they will not cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. Due to their high elasticity and durability, INON Milking Gloves will last an entire milking.

Suitable for all aspects of farm work, INON Milking Gloves also can be worn when working with oils, fats and chemicals and are great for garden and field use.

INON Milking Gloves come in two versions: the regular gloves are packaged in boxes of 100 gloves and the reinforced, longer gloves are packaged in boxes of 50 gloves. Both types are available in sizes S-XXL. For more information, download the INON Milking Gloves flyer here.






Powermint contains as active ingredient natural Japanese peppermint oil.

Powermint provides excellent massage qualities, softening and soothing tender udders after calving and hard quarters.

Powermint is available in economical 500 ml bottles – to hang from your milking line or parlor curb, a perfect fit for any barn or parlor.

Powermint does not contain antibiotics, therefore not tainting milk and meat with any residue. 



Omniwipesdisposable, pre-moistened teat wipes offer a perfect solution for reliable, quick and effective sanitation. When preparing udders for milking, they offer an all-in-one option to clean, condition and dry teat ends – all in one step. Fast and effective: in only one step, Omniwipes clean and dry teats and promote milk letdown, ultimately lowering the operating costs and saving time. They are non-irritating to the touch and leave no residue. Omniwipes are sold in buckets containing a roll of 800 wipes. For more information, download the Omniwipe flyer here.